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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Palmetto Career Academy (PCA) by reviewing our FAQs.

Where is PCA in the process of opening their school?
PCA is submitting its application for approval in the spring of 2024 with anticipation of approval to open for the 2025-2026 school year.

How does PCA differ from Butler Academy?
Butler Academy has been providing our community with a fantastic charter school option for the last few years. PCA is aiming to provide more options given that today, Butler is able to support about 45 children per grade level. Butler Academy is also primarily focused on preparing children for a four-year college as their next step. PCA will provide that career path option but more options related to different technical paths, two year programs and direct entry into the workforce.

Where will PCA be located?
A specific site has not yet been named, analysis is underway and our school will be located somewhere in Darlington County. Our goal is to closely locate to other education institutions to enable logistics of dual-enrollment programs and shared learning experiences.

What is the mission of Palmetto Career Academy?
Our mission is to empower student learning by engaging parents, promoting education in conjuction with students' career path and incorporating life skills for success.

What is a Charter School?
A charter school is considered a public school and is part of the SCPCSD, in the local school district where it's located. The purpose of charter schools is to create a legitimate avenue for parents, teachers and community members to create new, innovative and more flexible ways of education children within the public school system and the intention is that charter schools will help close achievement gaps between low-performing and high-performing student groups.

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